Band and Orchestra


Life Way offers a talented and growing band and orchestra program that starts in 6th grade and continues through high school. Students can choose from traditional band and orchestra classes to more specialized classes like drumline. God has blessed us with a gifted group of teachers and students that allow the students to use the gifts he has given them to glorify his name through music.


Music is an important subject that helps develop a child's thinking and fine motor skills. At Life Way, we believe it is important to offer music classes that will build upon each other as a child progresses from one grade to another.

The LWCS Instrumental Program provides students opportunities to explore, develop and demonstrate their God-given creative potential. Students are offered various band and orchestra opportunities at the Elementary, Junior High and High School levels. The fundamentals of music include the study of history, theory, technical application, appreciation and interpretation, and creative design. We deliver student learning and performance opportunities through a variety of venues that include:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Chapel
  • Christmas Parade
  • Off-Campus Performances
  • Camps
  • Private Lessons

History of the LWCS Warrior Band and Orchestra

The school year 2005-2006 marked the band’s first year as one of the schools most respected performing musical organizations. The Life Way Band was founded in 2005 under the watchful eye of it’s first band director, Mr. Mark Bennett. The school, founded only 5 years earlier, in 2000, served the entire Centerton and outreaching communities a Christian Education.

In December of 2009, Mrs. Karen Smith graciously moved in as Mr. Bennett followed God’s plan for his life. She continued the quality music education the students expected and she began moving them to the next level of musicality.

In August of 2010, Mrs. Christine Sullivan came on the scene and opened the doors even wider to the students musical experience by offering Marching Band and Orchestra.

This group was blessed by another school by a donation of 175 band uniforms. The band has transformed throughout the years with growth and respect. Also known as the “Warrior Band,” they will continue to represent their community and state with pride and honor.