Middle School

Life Way’s Middle School includes grades five and six. Our desire is to partner with the church and with Christian families who are committed to a Christ-centered, biblically-based education for their children. Our goals are to develop in each student a biblical worldview of life, to promote excellence in academics, to help each child realize his/her full God-given potential, and to enable the child to impact his/her culture for Jesus Christ. We seek to do this is an environment that is distinctly Christian rather than “private” or college preparatory in nature. We believe we would have to sacrifice our core values to focus solely on college preparation, whereas our uncompromising commitment to our mission and our core values has resulted in all our graduates being prepared for and attending colleges and universities around the country.

For more information regarding our curriculum, please refer to our Course Catalog.


If you have questions or would like to learn more about the Middle School, please contact the principal, Lisa Baxley at lbaxely@lwcsar.com