Visual Arts

The art department at Life Way is amazing and one that God continues to bless. The students have opportunity to choose from a variety of art class options and are able to do many styles of art work. We are blessed to have a gifted faculty and group of students that allow us to showcase the talent that God has given them and bring glory to his name through art. Each year artwork is showcased in the community and at the school art fair in the spring.

Visual Arts Notes

Visual Arts is an important subject that allows your child to discover art as a means for creative expression of ideas. At Life Way, we believe it is important to offer art classes that will build upon each other as a child progresses from one grade to another.

The LWCS Art Program provides students opportunities to explore, develop and demonstrate their God-given creative potential. Students are offered artistic opportunities at the Elementary, Junior High, and High School levels. The fundamentals of art include the study of the basic principles and elements of design as they apply to the creation of an artwork. The Art Program also allows the students to explore various techniques such charcoal, clay, textile, watercolor, and paint. We deliver visual opportunites through a variety of venues that include the LWCS art fair, Arts center of the Ozarks, and Christmas and Spring Program Sets.